Are you ICCP certified?
Yes! We are! If you'd like to learn more about this program to help you pay for childcare, please visit the Idaho Child Care Program website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Are you licensed?
Yes! We are fully licensed through the city of Pocatello. As part of this, all our staff is required to pass a background check and be CPR/First Aid certified. Our facility follows regulations set by the Health Department & the Fire Department.

Do you provide transportation?
Yes! Transportation to schools in the area is included in our "After School" rates.

Do you provide meals?
Yes! Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, and PM snack are provided every day. Each is offered at a certain time each day, so when your child arrives and is picked up will determine which meals/snacks they will have. Please see the daily daycare schedule to see the times meals and snacks are offered.

I'm worried about my child being bored at daycare...
Please don't! We believe a child does best with a daily routine filled with a mixture of learning activities: some active, some quiet, some individual, and some as part of a group. We have carefully structured our routine to make sure your child (no matter the age) is able to participate in many fun activities throughout the day and has learning opportunities to help foster development during these important childhood years.